Sell my car, Melbourne

Sell my car, Melbourne

Ways to sell a car in Melbourne

Most of us will need to sell a car from time to time. Our lifestyles and circumstances change, we want to upgrade, or we simply want a new car. If you are looking to sell sell car melbournea car in Melbourne, it’s worthwhile doing a bit of research on the best method of selling your used car.


One way to sell your car is at an auction. While this is an option that some people choose, keep in mind that you will have to pay a commission to the company holding the auction.

Private sale

This is another option for selling your car. There are several options for selling your car privately, but most people choose to use one of the car sale websites available now. While there are benefits to this method such as not paying a commission or high fees, there is a lot more legwork on your part, as it is up to you to set the sale price for your car, and liaise directly with the buyer to complete the sale.


Trade-ins are an easy way to offload your used car, especially if you are purchasing a new car through a dealership. By trading in your car you can knock off a portion of the cost of your new car. The downside of this convenience is that the price you’ll get for a trade-in will likely be much less than selling it through other methods.

Third party

The other option is to sell your car through a company such as Sell Your Prestige Car. You can get a free quote for your car, and if you’re happy with the price, the best thing is that they can collect your car, adding to the convenience.

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