Sell my car, Melbourne

Sell my car, Melbourne

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cars for cashWhen to sell your cars for cash

For some of us, a car is like a member of the family – we have happy memories of driving it. And we associate times of our lives with the car. Maybe you bought your car when you got your first job, or when you had your first child. So selling cars for cash can be heartbreaking. However, there are times when it’s best to let go and sell up.

Quit while you’re ahead

Unfortunately, most cars depreciate over time. This means that the more you drive them, the less they are worth to a new buyer. So even though it seems counter-intuitive, it’s sometimes best to sell your car while it is still in good condition. This way, you’ll get the best sale price, and you won’t be hit with the ongoing costs of maintaining and repairing an older car.

Lifestyles change

You might want to hold onto your sport two-seater hatchback, but there are times when it’s better to let go and find a car that’s a bit more practical. Any parent will tell you, it’s a nightmare getting a small child into a car seat in a two-seater. So do yourself a favour and make sure you’re making your life as easy for yourself as possible. 

These are just a couple of the reasons why selling cars for cash is a decision you might want to consider. The team at Sell Your Prestige Car can help you through the process, and make it that little bit easier to let your much loved car go on to a new owner.

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