Sell my car, Melbourne

Sell my car, Melbourne

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There is a saying that not much is guaranteed in life, and unfortunately that applies when you sell a car as well. The team at Sell Your Prestige Car make life a little easier when it comes time to sell a car.

Traditional Method to Sell a Car

The traditional methods of selling a car can be long and painful. Generally you have the choice of either trading in your prestige car through a dealer or selling it privately. If you trade your car in, it’s well known that you won’t get a fantastic price. If your car is an older model or isn’t quite in top shape, you might be fine with this; many people miss out on the true value of their car when trading in or selling through a dealership.

When you sell privately, you might be waiting for awhile for someone to show interest and buy your car. In many states you will need to have an inspection or safety certificate and you will need to organise all the transfer paperwork.

How we Buy Prestige Cars

See all those steps above? Scrap them! If you are considering when to sell a car, visit our website. We make selling a prestige car easy – you don’t even have to leave the house!

  1. Submit your car’s details direct to our website
  2. Receive a call from our valuers, with a few questions and an accurate offer
  3. Accept the offer and arrange a time for the car to be collected
  4. Get paid.

Whether you use the more traditional method to sell a car, or use a service like Sell My Prestige Car is completely up to you. We do recommend getting at least one or two trade in prices from a dealership. This allows you to compare the dealership value of your car, compared to having it valued by an expert prestige car valuer.

When you’re ready to sell a car, get online and submit your details to Sell My Prestige Car. For the two minutes it takes to fill in the details, you may end up with a whole lot more in your pocket.

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