Sell my car, Melbourne

Sell my car, Melbourne

Tips on Selling a Car in Melbourne

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Are you considering selling a car in Melbourne? You may think it is easy enough as just walking in a dealership and trading your prestige car in for a new one. However, have you ever wondered if you would be getting the best deal? And what exactly do you need when selling a car in Melbourne?

Here’s our top tips to make sure you’re selling your car correctly!

Get a Roadworthy Certificate

In Victoria you need to obtain a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle before you sell it. Without this, a car registration cannot be transferred to a new owner. You can only get this certificate from a VicRoads authorised tester, so don’t be taken for a ride if someone tells you they can get you a roadworthy certificate. Some vehicles are exempt so make sure you check out the details over on the VicRoads website.

Sort the Paperwork

Selling a car does come with some paperwork. You can get this ready before you find a buyer for your car by downloading the “Application for Transfer of Registration Form” from VicRoads and filling out the details.

Prepare Your Car

While Sell Your Prestige Car will assess the value of your car based on it’s current shape, there is no harm in making sure your car is presentable for sale. This includes cleaning the car, repairing any chips or scratches in the paintwork, and making sure your service book details are up to date.

Selling a Car Made Easy

Many prestige cars are still sought after by buyers, so it does make sense to ensure your car is in the best shape and that you have all the required documents and paperwork together to make selling a car in Melbourne a breeze.

If you’d like to skip the idea of trading your car in for a low price or spending hours waiting for someone to call as you sell it privately, pop onto the Sell Your Prestige Car website. You’ll have an offer within minutes, and if all checks out, we could be taking your car off your hands in as little as 24 hours.

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