Sell my car, Melbourne

Sell my car, Melbourne

How to Trade your Cars for Cash

BMW CarReasons to Sell

There are so many different reasons you might be looking to sell your car:

  • You have a baby on the way and are hoping to upgrade to a bigger model.
  • You got a promotion and want to treat yourself to a new car.
  • You realise your family no longer needs the two cars you have and are looking at getting rid of one of them.
  • Your kids have moved out of home and you are looking to downgrade your car.
  • You are simply after something new and exciting and have decided to go car shopping.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to sell your car, the biggest question is how to do it quickly with as little hassle as possible.


The process of selling your car isn’t always straightforward and tends to be extremely time consuming. You need to make sure you are available at night or on the weekend, so people can come and see your car and whether they are interested in it. Interested parties will want to take it for a test drive, and will even request a third part inspection to ensure everything is in good working order before handing over the money.

You may choose to advertise on website as well, and this can cost money and add to the overall process.

Sell Fast

If this process seems too time consuming for you, then make sure you head to Sell Your Prestige Car. They will come directly to you and pay the agreed offer straight after the inspection. All the hassle and time is removed and you will have cash in hand ready to go shopping for that next car.

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