Sell my car, Melbourne

Sell my car, Melbourne

What’s the best way to sell my car?

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Selling a prestige car isn’t always as easy a process as selling a non-prestige car. There is generally less of a market, and those that are looking to buy tend to be a bit more thorough on what they are spending money on. If you find yourself asking “what is the best way to sell my car”, Sell My Prestige Car is your answer.

Steps to selling a prestige car

Sell Your Prestige Car makes it easy to find someone willing to buy your car – whether you have an Audi, a BMW or Mercedes, we have buyers waiting. And the process to get that buyer is quick.

  1. Upload your car details. It takes just to minutes to upload your car’s basic details and your contact details.
  2. Receive an offer. Yes, it’s that quick – an experienced prestige car valuer will contact you to get some more information and provide you with an offer.
  3. Like the offer? All you need to do is accept, arrange a time for collection of the car and arrange payment.

How easy is that! Sell Your Prestige Car comes to you, and if your car fits the description you gave, you’ll have the money in your hands instantly.

Why should I sell my car with Sell Your Prestige Car?

There’s plenty of reasons to consider selling with us. Apart from not needing to worry about advertising or driving your car from dealer to dealer, here are four top reasons to consider selling your car with Sell Your Prestige Car:

  1. Minimum fuss – keeping things easy and straightforward to help you sell your car quickly
  2. Accurate quotes – as long as your car fits the description you give us, our quotes are spot on and we arrange payment to you fast.
  3. Specialists – we are specialists in the prestige car market, buying prestige cars for over 15 years. We ensure all offers are accurate and fair, and our team of friendly staff will help you through to process.

If you’ve spent the last month wondering “what’s the best way to sell my car”, give us a call.

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