Sell my car, Melbourne

Sell my car, Melbourne

Deciding to sell my Lexussell my lexus

So you’ve just decided, ‘I’m going to sell my Lexus’. Whether you’re selling to upgrade your car, your family circumstances have changed, or you’re moving overseas, you might not know how to go about selling your Lexus, and getting the best price.

The best price

The first step is deciding how you’re going to sell your car. Perhaps you could trade it in at a dealership when you’re looking at purchasing a new car. The problem with trade-ins is that you never know if you’re getting as good a price for your car as if you sold it privately.

Selling online

Another option is to sell your car on one of the online car sale websites. You can set your price and get in touch with a buyer directly. This method can involve a bit more work, though. You need to take professional photos of your car to put online, and do enough research to ensure you’re setting the right price. You also have to be prepared to wait – you might get lucky and sell your car straight away, but it can also take weeks or months to find the right buyer.

Selling made simple

You can skip all these hassles by speaking to the team at Sell Your Prestige Car. They know the value of prestige cars, and what your Lexus means to you. They’ll take the hard work out of the equation by giving you a fast quote for the value of your car, and organise complimentary pick up of your car.

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